About us

Previously known as Jack and Jill Now Little Seekers Nursery School was established in 1969 , Seekers Primary School in 1999 and Seekers High School in 2009. We are a private, registered Christian Educational centre. We believe that we offer unique benefits that money can’t buy: • The love of Christ in all we do and say • Honour and glory to the Lord in the way we accept, teach, love, support and treasure our learners • A homely environment that provides safety, security, and room to grow • Christian values imparted on every level • Weekly assembly with praise and worship and Bible lessons • Termly visits by Christian motivational speakers and pastors • Entrepreneurs market days to encourage entrepreneurial skills development • Dedicated, loving, Christian teachers • Small classes that provide for individual attention • Affordable fees for private education • Extra-mural activities offered by outside teachers who charge their own fees: Ballet, Pottery, a Reading Enhancement programme, Playball. This is only for the Nursery and Primary School learners. • Breakfast (even for Primary School learners) • Lunch, and morning/afternoon snack times for Nursery School learners • Afternoon sandwiches for Primary school learners who stay for aftercare • Homework supervision for aftercare learners • Aftercare activities such as chess, art, dance & music and ballgames


To empower learners with quality education and Christian values that will develop them into model citizens who not only contribute positively but also dynamically to South Africa and the Global Community.